Yerba Mate Organic C/S
Yerba Mate Organic C/S

Yerba Mate Organic C/S

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Yerba Mate Organic C/S

Latin Name: Ilex paraguariensis
Common Names: Yerba Mate Leaf

Yerba Mate Leaf is produced from the plant with the latin botanical name Ilex paraguariensis. Our Yerba Mate Leaf comes in several different varieties for your convenience. Try the cut and sifted or powdered forms of this dried herb. Organic, kosher, green and roasted versions are also available from Starwest Botanicals, one of the largest suppliers of organic dried bulk herbs in the United States.

The herb, which thrives in the South American warm climate, goes by the common names of Yerba Mate, St. Bartholomew's tea, Jesuit's tea and Ilex Paraguay tea. We source our Yerba Mate Leaf directly from our grower, who is located in Argentina, so that we can then process this herb at our milling and packaging facilities in order to verify quality at every part of the process. The dried herb can be consumed as a tea in either the green or roasted form; roasting it causes the leaf to lose any bitterness and offers up a spicier flavor.

Yerba Maté is a traditional South American brew that’s been said to offer the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate” all in one beverage. It produces a smooth and refreshing full bodied herbal tea. Yerba Maté Leaf Roasted are gently roasted until they darken and develop a rich, roasted flavor profile, giving it a delicious nutty flavor with smooth chocolatey notes. Maté is known as an energizer and rejuvenator, and contains 24 vitamins and minerals and provides 15 essential amino acids necessary to promote healthy muscle tissue, along with antioxidant properties. Maté averages 45 mg of caffeine per serving, generally about half as much as coffee.

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